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Mouse Gestures
Posted by: lomoian
Date: May 15, 2001 08:59PM

As the furore over Black and Whites revolutionary mouse gesture system (haven't played the game myself), and the much more practical application of gesturing in the latest Opera V5.11 browser, mouse gestures are a hot topic. I use Opera as my main browser (still faster than K-Meleon, cache and MDI interface etc.) and now with mouse gesture, it is almost as fast to use the mouse as keyboard navigation. K-Meleon is really great and I have high hopes for it (although I'd much prefer MDI interface too, has that plan died??? A Cluttered task bar IS NOT the way to navigate 20 web pages when you have other programs open, and if you use an alternative
shell (litestep for e.g.) then lots of tasks to manage are just plain tedious...).

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if mouse gesture will be implemented in K-Meleon??

They genuinely 'revolutionize' the GUI if you use mostly the mouse......

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: PC
Date: May 17, 2001 05:57PM

Yes, Opera has done about 95% of everything right.

Want to be great, compare your self to a winner not loosers like Mozilla.

I would rather use Opera on a 486 and a 14.4 then Moz on a 233 and 56.

Start by learning Opera's shortcut key, mouse gesture. Learn how to click out links and navigate where all wait times are instant. Instant back etc. Learn how a real browser works.

That said. Good luck, you are free. If you don't consider the wait and slow load times really costing anything.

Perhaps you can pull the butt of MOz (the worlds worst browser) out of the throws of death. IE needs the competition. (Opera is too costly for most people and the ads make people think it is spy ware, which it is not. Thus you, may have the best shot at shaking IE.)

BTW IE6 is very quick on my machine and light 4 seconds to start etc. Just that Opera blows it away. Moz .9 was the worst nn6 next to wost. (I cannot describe my loathing of moz .9--take a brick and tossit at my machine before using that.)

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: scratch
Date: May 17, 2001 07:41PM

Well, your machine isn't exactly "up to date". But can it really be that NN6 loads faster? Moz .90 has about half the load time of NN6 on my system (PII 350 192ram). And they're comparing to Mozilla since K-Meleon uses Gecko, which is the major part of Mozilla. Of course M$IE is fast to load, it loads when you start Windows and when you "start" M$IE all it does is open a new window. Opera isn't bad, but I *hate* the interface, and it doesn't support as much, and it isn't free. Lately I've been alternating between K-Meleon and Mozilla nightlies, but with K-Meleon in my Mozilla .90 folder it supports just about everything Mozilla does (it still has big problems with ebay though, since it detects *.dll as a filetype it can't render internally and won't pop up a right click menu on the imagemaps).

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: pc
Date: May 17, 2001 11:17PM

Commit yourself to Opera 5 for a week. Commit to 12 things to memorize.

ctrl b, 1,2 ctrl w, ctrlsh click, f4 and all mouse gestures. master nick names

You won't go back. People that wont master these won't like it. People that do never wait more than half second for any linked pages to display. 3 seconds load time, no menu freeze after click in back ground. Ability to open 20 windows (10% of resources on my machine) with one hotkey. Nicknames. ICQ with no resource drain, Email filtered multi account.

It does all the pages MOz will. Java, js, dhtml, xml, css etc.

This should be the bench mark , not a train wreck called moz .9. IE is good for ease of use only.

That said This product has a keyboard, menu mapping and ignore commands. Can you ignore expires and no-cache pragma? O is working on this. I just use resource editor to map the scripts, accelerators in Opera. And a hex editor to disable no-cache expires and onload onunload.

You are also free. Well, O is too, just register to rid of ads. IE clone is smart too, since that is what people learn upon Which is perhaps more a market threat to IE.

Though the ads have double Opera's user registered base in just a few months.

That said. Tips on cache please?

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: paddy
Date: May 19, 2001 08:17AM

Excuse me, but how do you manage to get Opera to load ANY page in three seconds???

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: lomoian
Date: May 19, 2001 10:39AM

I have to agree with PC. About a year ago I downloaded Opera to see what I thought. I HATED THE USER INTERFACE!!!!!! After about 30 minutes of playing I simply uninstalled and went back to Netscape, much less weird interface I thought.... After Netscape 6 fiasco, and the HUGE security holes in IE, I bit the bullet to retry Opera.
2.2mb download for Browser Mail and News IS AMAZING. After submitting myself to a few days of readjustment and learning keyboard commands, I suddenly realised that the user interface, although less like the other two, is VERY well thought out, and once learnt is incredibly slick. It also has the best cache system out there and a super fast HTML-engine.
It's achilles heel is actually what it set out to achieve - to make a browser more 'standards-compliant' than NS or IE. But, IE has managed to get everyone coding for IE even if it breaks standards-compliancy. Gecko IS a cool rendering engine, and it is in BOTH Opera and Gecko's interests that the browser market doesn't degenerate into the one-product dominance.
As with everything (think economics where corporate mergers leads to worse products for the consumer because of less 'real' choice) - variety is the spice of life. So lets hope BOTH Gecko and Opera succede.....

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: Jaron
Date: May 21, 2001 05:27AM

And I like watching the status bar for the download speed while the page is downloading in Opera.

Opera 5.11 is almost perfect.

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: Jake
Date: June 13, 2001 03:55AM

Hey guys
I tried Oprea a few weeks back, and HATED the new interface... I didnt get it...
after reading up your opinions on opera's mouse gestures I figured I'd download it again and give it a shot
thanks guys, the mouse gestures are genuinely the coolest thing... speeds up my browsing so much...

if kmeleon did the same, it would be the ultimate browser

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Re: Mouse Gestures
Posted by: pc
Date: June 16, 2001 02:05PM

Well, learn the interface that you hate, then never wait more than a quarter of a second to view any link page or most pages.

You cant claim that. Just pulled 1/4 meg while writing this. Wow no mess!

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