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minimalistic looks
Posted by: Jan Jansen
Date: May 13, 2001 02:57AM

I haven't read all the forumtopics. I haven't tried the newest version yet.

But I'd like a browser to have _minimalistic looks_. Or adjustable to minimalistic.
A bit like MSIE full screen looks.
I can adjust MSIE allmost to full screen with the buttons and menu's I use still at hand.
Here's a 40k screenshot of my MSIE setup: (Colors are distorted because of GIF).
I wish I could make the GO button even smaller. Same for Koppelingen-button (what's it called in the English version? Links?)
I don't like big fixed buttons and bars.
So adjustable (and deletable) buttons, texts, sizes, (colors)... much like MSIE

What MSIE lacks is a _speed-indicator_ and traffic-indicator.
I want that in a browser.
I use AnalogX Netstat (freeware), but I prefer something like that in the status-bar. I think the up and downloading is 'linked' to the writing to and reading from disk, visible with Windows98 Systemmonitor. I sometimes use ' Bytes written" for monitoring downloadspeeds!
Mozilla (?) has a weird speedindicator: reaching 100% and starting again at 0%
without the site fully loaded. I don't understand it.

I like the _tabbed screens_ for the linked sites used in MSIE , but i do not like them popping up when they aren't ready (= white screen). So a browser with the linked pages opening as tabs in the taskbar and highlighted green when ready but NOT popping up. Netcaptor does it like that, but crashes a lot, and is 'advertised-heavy' and does not use the taskbar for the tabs (meaning a smaller browser screen).

Better caching.
Preloading and Caching the "next page" or e.g. the "older messages" as in this forum. And keeping in cache all the just visited pages (under the back button) so going back doesn't mean visiting and loading the site again. Caching the favourit or better still the most visited sites so frames and backgrounds and images and animations are all preloaded. Like Netsonic, but better integrated (and without the spyware ;^)).

Integrated proxy (Multiproxy-like) and filter (Webwasher-like or Proxomitron-like)
Wouldn't these guys be willing to have their programs integrated in Kmeleon?

Integrated downloader like the simple MS one, but now with a resume option. I don't like heavy applications like Gozilla starting up and filling the traybar and running their spyware when all I need is a resume-option.
DLexpert looks clean. I would like to see something like that integrated in a browser.

7) And even more, or too much luxury:
I once used a program: when I highlighted a word in the browser i could put it in a searchengine using the right mouse button menu or a quickkey. I could even let it open a site in a new browser window with the highlighted word (being a companyname, programname or whatever: Hermitage gave you in a new browserwindow without typing, copying and pasting.)
Again: nice feature when integrated in the browser: not when resting in the traybar.

And what about a port-watcher? Or a integrated firewall? Or...


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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Jeff
Date: May 13, 2001 05:44AM

1) You should be happy with .4

2) The first part is really a mozilla issue...good idea, however. The "speed indicator" is really a progress indicator. It shows the current progress of the HTML docucment, and when that has finished, the progress of all the images and other things that it's downloading.

3) .4 supports an "Open link in background" feature that you may like...still uses the taskbar, however.

4) Mozilla issue, coming along nicely.

5) I prefer junkbuster, personally, but eventually this sort of thing will be possible throught the plugin interface.

6) Coming....eventually.

7) Another good idea, if you could detail the exact behaviours you would like, I'd be very happy to implement this.

8) More good ideas....for plugins....we really need to expand/document/encourage plugin development, but anyone familiar with writing winamp plugins should have no problem adding some great features to kmeleon.

-- Jeff

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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Mik
Date: May 14, 2001 02:18AM

Ummm won't all that just bog it down more than Mozilla or N6?

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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Brian
Date: May 14, 2001 03:21AM

but, unlike in Mozilla, you can turn it off if you don't want it

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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: scratch
Date: May 14, 2001 03:23AM

You can turn it off in mozilla too. Look at the installer, it gives you choices for what you want to install. By the way, all of this is hardly minimalistic. ;]

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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Thoni
Date: May 15, 2001 04:39AM

I like the _tabbed screens as Opera or NetCaptor.

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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Pete
Date: June 09, 2001 06:02PM

Here are a few things I'd like to see in K-Meleon if possible:

- Tabbed screens ala Opera (most importantly IMO)
- Better bookmark options - Something like the IE/Opera toggle-able panes with double click and drag-and-drop opening the links would be good
- Backspace working as a back button (only alt-left works ATM)
- Quick searcing ala Opera. You can type a url as "g find stuff" and it will look for "find stuff using Google" VERY useful timesaver.
- Navigating forms is a bit incomplete - shift+ctrl+home won't highlight from the current cursor position to the top of the text entry box for one, although this might be a Moz issue.

Otherwise. K-Meleon is great. Simple interface, lovely renderer (I particularly like the fast and better DHTML support compared to Opera) and most of all free! Great work guys.


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Re: minimalistic looks
Posted by: Joshua Prowse
Date: June 24, 2001 03:49AM

How will plugins work with kmeleon?

For Mozilla to be a success, I was thinking that any plugins written for Mozilla would work in all Mozilla browsers. If developers have to create a Netscape6, Mozilla, Kmeleon, etc. version of their plugins that would be very inefficent. I don't think that kmeleon will ever be a large enough market to warrant developers creating a separate version of their plugins explicitly for this browsers.

Will any plugins need to be kmeleon only?

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