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Features for the distant future...
Posted by: Moderator
Date: May 11, 2001 07:35PM

1) Redesign the icons to make them prettier
2) Two more icons on the toolbar: one for email and one for instant messenging: you should be able to customize each button from an Options menu (for example, set the path to your IM program so it loads each time you click it, and be able to set a URL to your webmail service for the email icon)--this lets you chose your IM and mail without being forced to use a certain one (like Netscape or MSN).
3) integrate a google search
4) More foreign languages

Thank you

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Re: Features for the distant future...
Posted by: Hackel
Date: May 11, 2001 07:47PM

I agree with google searching (possibly just try to make the Google javascript "browser button" function properly... (or you could add the alias capability to the url bar: "g search string" to search google, etc.)

I do not at all think there should be email or IM buttons on the toolbar! I mean, why should they be there, and not buttons for word processor, mp3 player, etc. That is what the Start Menu and QUick Launch toolbar are for! We don't need to make K-meleon into an explorer replacement. Let's stick with browser-only for now. If you wanted to add the -option- of adding custom-defined toolbar buttons that simply executed a shell command, that would be okay I suppose...


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