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User-agent string? (trivial)
Posted by: Kelson
Date: February 26, 2001 06:19PM

This isn't critical or anything (real features and bugs are much more important), but any plans to define a user-agent string? I was thinking along the lines of Netscape's "Mozilla-based" string, which basically appends the branding (in their case, Netscape6/6.01, in this case, something like Kmeleon/0.3) to the end of the Mozilla string.

For example, on Windows NT it might look like:
Mozillla/5.0 (Windows; N; WinNT4.0; 0.8) Gecko/20010213 KMeleon/0.3

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Re: User-agent string? (trivial)
Posted by: suppafly
Date: May 21, 2001 02:11AM

check version .4 you can tell it what to identify the browser as.

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