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It does not support cyrillic alphabet.
Posted by: Martin Kojoukliev
Date: February 26, 2001 11:49AM

Currently K-Meleon cannot show properly cyrillic-based sites. Do you intend to add Cyrillic-support in the future versions ? It looks very good for a beta-stage software. Keep on working on it. Also, please add some skins, or as you call them - "toolbar backgrounds" on your site.

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RE: It does not support cyrillic alphabet.
Posted by: Eugo
Date: February 28, 2001 02:20PM

I don't have any problems with russian win-1251 and KOI8-R encodings. Do you have Mozilla installed? IMHO K-Meleon shares language settings with it. I switched encoding auto-detection on in Mozilla 0.8 (View - Character coding - Auto-detect - Russian) and it works in K-Meleon too! Really, I was amazed when I saw loading properly. Even Opera 5 requires recoding proxies or additional KOI8 fonts to view it. Or maybe you have some problems with specific Bulgarian encodings? Then I think you should try Mozilla to check whether it works there. (If you like skins you must try it cause K-Meleon is just Mozilla without skins).
Really nasty bug is that arrow keys don't work in forms, so I have to type it in Notepad sad smiley

Just tried to paste it into the form - but paste in unavailable also... Back to Opera...

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RE: It does not support cyrillic alphabet.
Posted by: Brian
Date: February 28, 2001 05:45PM

The problem with arrow keys and pasting seems to be a problem with mozilla. That is the number 1 bug preventing me from using kmeleon as my full-time browser. I'm trying very hard to get that working. As you already noted, character included is supported, we just haven't added a menu for it yet.

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Posted by: Zagadka
Date: March 07, 2001 08:53PM

Please do not add any skins. Take out what you have. Skins are completely against the point of a thin browser; let me invoke the all might buzzword: bloat. The last thing we need is Yet Another Skinnable Application.

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RE: Skins
Posted by: Brian
Date: March 07, 2001 11:13PM

These are not normal skins, they add absolutely no bloat if you turn them off, and very little (as in, not noticable) bloat if you turn them on. It's not even a skin really, it's just the background image used for the toolbar.

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It DOES support Cyrillic alphabet!
Posted by: Christoph
Date: May 14, 2001 07:58PM

Version 0.3 didn't (at least on my system, Windows 2000 with German system locale and Cyrillic language support installed), but 0.4 seems to display Cyrillic pages on the same system correctly! This is really great! Thanks!
(I tested with my test pages at and for testing Cyrillic input in form fields I used the Russian search engine - this works fine, too).

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