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Posted by: Maestro
Date: January 29, 2001 05:17PM

Make opening pages locally work, at the moment it has to be typed in the bar manually, also allow the shortcut key CTRL+V to work in the url bar.

mailto: function - could this be achevied by shell-executing? - I've made this work in VB, and it should bring up the default mail prog.

And more control over the favourites (perhaps shell-execute to C:\windows\favorites to organise)

Other than that, the browser kicks ass! - Hasn't crashed on me yet

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RE: Features?
Posted by: Niko Pavlicek
Date: February 04, 2001 11:26AM

i think you should be able to choose which mail prog you want to open!

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RE: Features -> https and Javascript
Posted by: Bruno Friedmann
Date: February 17, 2001 04:47PM

Https and javascript should the two big part to be include in K.

0.3 is very nice, very quick, pages and images are load very very very fast ...

HTTPS : psm isn't more downloable alone, it's include with mozilla, but not with netscape 6.0 ( embeded with the .exe )

Javascript : this is painfull to surf on the web witout it ....

but in another way I know that you are only on the alpha stage....
I hope that you could find some time and ressource to continue developpement...

I give my opinion... if it was finished, it's sure I will use it definitely.....

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RE: Features -> https and Javascript
Posted by:
Date: February 17, 2001 07:25PM

JavaScript should mostly work (can't open new windows etc...) but other stuff will work. Https will have to wait a bit until we get the basic functionality right.

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