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Just general ideas
Posted by: Mark Casey
Date: January 19, 2001 12:21PM

First bug fixing! :o)

The mime support stuff should be implemented so when somebody clicks on a link to play for example some Realvideo clip it fires up realplayer so i can watch or listen.

I guess features like cookie and image handling similiar to that in Mozilla would be nice (so i don't waste bandwidth on mr. and his brethren).
Instead of just some stupid download window like IE, Netscape etc. when i click on a file to download, have a proper download manager (similiar to say Getright or Go!Zilla for example) where i can have a list of files i am currently downloading, it allows me to pause a download to finish later and that sort of thing.

The ability to add/remove/organise my favourites/bookmarks would be nice. ;)

I guess the only other thing i can think of at this time is also make it eat less cpu and a hell of a lot less memory, but i think the memory eating is down to Gecko (correct?) this is a very sweet browser, and considering when you compare version 0.2.1 to IE 2 i think its obvious that K-Meleon is a better browser.

I'm definitely looking forward to future versions and is there any chance of giving it a better name? ;o)


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