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Posted by:
Date: December 07, 2000 06:28PM

It would come quite handy to see the source of a page. Calling notepad would already be fine, just so that you can analyze (or copy) the source of a page.
Should be possible without a lot of bloat.

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Posted by: Brendan O'Kane
Date: December 26, 2000 08:23AM

Wouldn't it be possible just to copy Mozilla's view-source code? I always like having colour highliting, which Notepad can't really offer. In a pinch, though, Notepad'd be fine.

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RE: View Source
Posted by: Mark Casey
Date: January 19, 2001 01:04PM

Having it launch your preferred HTML editor as set in Internet Options would be best, so i could click on `View Source` and it would fire up my HTML editor on my machine. (that being Dreamweaver)

Although, it firing up Notepad would be fine.


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