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this is important... PNG files
Posted by: mario
Date: November 29, 2000 01:28PM

k-meleon is a very nice browser, I used to preview web pages I create with it, but since I started using .PNG files (compressed by pngcrush and pngrewrite, don't know if this is the cause of the problem), k-meleon can't show these image types!!
they display fine with other software...
hope the author can fix this

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RE: this is important... PNG files
Posted by: FredP
Date: November 29, 2000 04:40PM

This one is really easy to solve. if you "upgrade" your version of Gecko in K-meleon using a Mozilla nightly build like discussed here, in the 'components' dir of Mozilla you will see a nspng.dll that is not in the 'components' dir of Kmeleon. Just copy it over with the rest, and voilĂ  ! K-meleon now displays PNGs. Magic ! :-)

(PS: keeping current with Mozilla builds really improves Kmeleon a lot. With the original 0.2.1 version I could not type a character in an edit box like I'm doing without blowing up the program and reinstalling. Keyboard navigation is still broken inside these boxes but at least now it works :-)

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RE: this is important... PNG files
Posted by: suppafly
Date: May 21, 2001 02:16AM

kmel .4, the newest available from the front page at can do pngs just fine, and can even render pngs that IE can't

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