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IE Mac skin
Posted by: Pa Cadac
Date: November 29, 2000 07:50AM


I think it would be better if K-meleon would look like
the Mac version of Internet Explorer,it's have a much
nicer look...


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RE: IE Mac skin
Posted by: jez
Date: November 29, 2000 09:44AM

if making it even slightly skinnable (so users can make their own skins) isn't to difficult, and won't bloat load time and file size etc, i reckon it would be an excellent addition to the program...

- jez

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RE: IE Mac skin
Posted by:
Date: November 29, 2000 11:18AM

Before focusing on any skin issues (and other fancy stuff), I'd rather spend some time on the functionality, like
- making keyboard navigation work in textfields (arrows and ctrl-v, ctrl-x),...
- make access key configurability work
- update to a nightly build instead of M18
- make plug-ins work
- make print work
- implement basic bookmark functionality

*After* that works fine, one might start thinking about this bloat features (but if you want skinning why don't you take Mozilla or NS6 in the first place?). I thought all KMeleon is about to provide a _small_ and _fast_ gecko implementation.


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RE: IE Mac skin
Posted by: aruspex
Date: December 29, 2000 08:09PM

i dont want skinning i think KMeleon must be small

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RE: IE Mac skin
Posted by: suppafly
Date: December 30, 2000 08:03PM

i personally want skinning but do it in an intelligent manner upfront so it doesnt decrease load times etc.. being able to choose default buttons or skinned ones would be nice.. and being able to change the animation in the corner would be nice as well.. and obviously skinning the toolbars should be implimented.. skinning is a popular feature that really makes an application worth using over certain others..

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RE: IE Mac skin
Posted by: scratch
Date: February 18, 2001 08:19PM

Just allow changing the toolbar buttons and animation, everything else can be done with WB or Chroma, and would add more bloat Changing the toolbar buttons and animation shouldn't add any bloat at all, as they're already graphics.

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