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Kiosk Mode.
Posted by: R-R
Date: November 28, 2000 04:36PM

It would be nice that K-Meleon supports a "kiosk" mode, i.e. a full screen mode with no title bar, URL bar, or buttons. We tend to use web browsers as front-ends for kiosks and public internet terminals. Netscape (on Windows) and IE have similar modes, but they have a lot of heavyweight compnents in them that is really not needed. Therefore, a lightweight solution such as K-Meleon would be perfect if it supports a "kiosk" mode.

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RE: Kiosk Mode.
Posted by: Chris Cothrun
Date: February 10, 2001 03:11AM

I would second this request for a kiosk mode - a full screen / no chrome mode. While I could struggle to figure out how to compile one myself it would be great if someone could build one for me that would let me use the Mozilla engine in kiosk mode.

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