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Proxy Support
Posted by: Imran
Date: November 28, 2000 04:49PM

I wud luv to see the proxy support in the k-meleon as i myself as well as many other people use 'net via proxy

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RE: Proxy Support
Posted by: Biswa
Date: November 28, 2000 11:45PM

Edit program Files -> Kmeleon ->Defaults->Pref->all.js (search for proxy). Mine reads as follows (proxy section only)

pref("network.proxy.type", 1);
pref("network.proxy.ftp", "");
pref("network.proxy.ftp_port", 0);
pref("network.proxy.gopher", "");
pref("network.proxy.gopher_port", 0);
pref("", "");
pref("network.proxy.news_port", 0);
pref("network.proxy.http", "");
pref("network.proxy.http_port", 8080);
pref("network.proxy.wais", "");
pref("network.proxy.wais_port", 0);
pref("network.proxy.ssl", "");
pref("network.proxy.ssl_port", 8080);
pref("network.proxy.socks", "");
pref("network.proxy.socks_port", 0);
pref("network.proxy.no_proxies_on", " , localhost");
pref("", true); //online/offline

- Biswa.

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RE: Proxy Support
Posted by: Thor
Date: November 29, 2000 12:09AM

Please add proxy-config to the prog itself ...
i don't like file editing :-)

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