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Opera-style keyboard shortcuts
Posted by: Andrew Hain
Date: October 19, 2000 02:35PM

Would it be possible to provide keyboard shortcuts similar to Opera?
I appreciate that there may be some trouble distinguishing between the single key shortcuts and input to forms.

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RE: Opera-style keyboard shortcuts
Posted by: Devin L
Date: December 20, 2000 04:32PM

I'm not familiar with the Opera browser, however, there are various keyboard shortcuts that I, as a Netscape user, dearly miss, and would prevent me from using K-Meleon exclusively.

CTRL-O (ALT-O on Unix/Linux) to open a "go to" dialog for a URL, rather than an open file. Not having that functionality in a browser is like not having the ALT-F2 "run dialog" in KDE.

Keyboard cut-and-paste? A must have. Less mousing through menus means faster browsing.

Arrow, Home and End keys do not work in edit regions. A must have for serious browsing.

A keyboard shortcut to "Open New Window". Very useful during serious browsing during searches and research.

(Not a keyboard shortcut, however quite important)
Support for Challange/Response authentication where a dialog box would open up asking for a username and password. Many sites use this method, and 0.2.1 doesn't seem to support it.

There are problems when switching windows where K-Meleon will "loose focus", and not allow the user to interact with widgets - i.e. continue typing in an edit box.

Why the memory hog? 11mb? (Windows 2000) Download, including Mozilla, was 2.6MB. Does K-Meleon automatically reserve a portion of system memory for itself, or does it really load that much? Netscape 6.0 (Mozilla Gecko) sits at 25MB - a reduction from 25 to 11 is impressive, however less is better, especially with multiple browser windows open. For comparison purposes, Netscape 4.x sits around 7.5.

Beyond complaints, K-Meleon seems to be a very fast, streamlined browser, and with the keyboard shortcuts, may be the best alternative to anything else out there.

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