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Power to the users
Posted by: identity0
Date: August 27, 2000 04:44AM

I wish to ask for a set of things in K-M that would make it superior to other browsers. The general theme of those would be to give more power and information to the users. Here are some requests:

1) How about replacing the cute animated image on the upper-right corner with a bar graph of thoughtput for current downloads? The current animations are simply aesthetic, and don't really tell you much about what's going on with your connection. A graph showing thought put can show when a connection is idle or stalled. I'm thinking of something along the lines of Net.Medic or other connection monitors.

2) An "open frame as new window" and maybe "close frame" option. The first would be useful many places, but the second one I'm thinking of specifically because of Hotmail. When you open an "outside" link in Hotmail, it doesn't actually take you outside; instead, it opens a Hotmail window with the bottom frame opened to the link target. it's impossible to open a window to that site alone, since Hotmail doesn't allow you to see what the address is on the target site.

3) A "no popups" option. This would keep sites from opening new browser windows. This option should be window-specific, so that a window opened to one site can open new windows, but another window opened to a site with pop-up ads can't open new windows.

4) A "no sounds" option, similar to the "no popups" option.

I don't think these options would take much coding to put in, and probobly would not make the software sluggish or huge. If anyone else has requests that would give the user more info/power over their browsing, please post them here.

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RE: Power to the users
Posted by: etoffi
Date: August 29, 2000 09:48AM

1) download "throbber"
pure genius

2)open in new window
in netscape (HA!) ctrl shift click??

3)no popups
in opera. good (stolen =P ) idea

4) no sounds
good idea

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