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GPL--make it obvious!!
Posted by: JDF
Date: August 24, 2000 07:34PM

I have a couple of points about the licensing. First, it's a great idea to put the full text of the GNU GPL in the gnullsoft installer. However, the line "K-Meleon is licensed under the GNU Private License (GPL)" should read "...under the GNU General Public License (GPL)." See for details. (You might also put this address at the end or something.) This was especially obvious to me since just two lines below the complete correct name is mentioned.
Another suggestion is to hard-code a link to in the Help|About box or have a text file with the full licence or something like that. It would be great if people just looking for info in the Help menu could discover newfound software freedom.

Also, what's going on with cut and paste?? Where is the Edit menu?

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