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Bookmarks / Favourites
Posted by: kIPo
Date: August 24, 2000 04:23PM

I wonder if the old Netscape bookmark system would be possible with K-Meleon. The IE Favourites is funky, but having Netscape's bookmark (html) is also very convenient. Perhaps a convenient way of synchronizing the two? But that would be further down the road. smiling smiley

Just a thought.

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RE: Bookmarks / Favourites
Posted by: Foofer
Date: August 25, 2000 03:41AM

I have to second that motion. Integrating netscape bookmarks would be very nice!

Cheese smiling smiley

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RE: Bookmarks / Favourites
Posted by: brainsick
Date: August 26, 2000 12:49PM

Please do away with IE Favorites and impliment your own bookmarking system. Personally, I prefer to be able to have the full URL as the bookmark title, which IE Favorites fails to do because it stores the files as a .lnk file on the harddrive, and :/ are both illegal charracters.

would have to be stored as:

which I hate. Please please please find a better way to do bookmarking in K-Melon.

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RE: Bookmarks / Favourites
Posted by: etoffi
Date: August 29, 2000 09:54AM

my .so format goes like this: a straight ascii file with each line being of the form key value (except for the first):
HIER /win/browsers

this file has a customized icon and is stored in Favorites/win/browsers.

so simple its stupid

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RE: Bookmarks / Favourites
Posted by: Elledan Dunedain
Date: August 30, 2000 04:55PM

A Netscape-like bookmark system would be very convenient. The IE bookmark system is simply put the worst of the worst...

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