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Mac port
Posted by: Andy White
Date: August 23, 2000 02:45PM

K-Meleon looks like a great alternative. Since we Macintosh users live by the mantra "anything but Microsoft," can we expect a version of K-Meleon for the Mac?

I think if would do well in the Macintosh community.

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RE: Mac port
Posted by: Ryan Hayle
Date: August 24, 2000 11:32PM

Gaelon already runs on Macs, and does the same thing. Go install Linux, then get Gaelon, and you'll be in heaven.

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RE: Mac port
Posted by: Alex Trent
Date: August 27, 2000 08:58AM

well a good question to ask would be, how hard would it be to convert the microsoft C++ source to something that could be compiled on the mac? and who would be up for that job.

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