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Great stuff... Just two little things I'd ask for
Posted by: ND Holmes
Date: August 23, 2000 06:59AM

First, more thanks than I can possibly express here. I really think you have the right idea here for us Win32 users - the full lizard is way too big, buggy, and most of all, slow for most of us to consider using. Despite still missing things, I find myself using it almost exclusively since I downloaded it this afternoon...

The two things I'd ask for are the traditional "Open in a New Window" option (Alt+N or the right click menu option on a link) to be added - this has long been one of my favorite (and oft used) features.

Secondly, title bar & link copy and paste would be nice - I know several others have mentioned it and I know it's obvious, so I won't say any more.

Thanks so much for building a light frame around Gecko - you rock, man.


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