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Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Bill.Stewart
Date: August 23, 2000 07:57AM

One feature I use constantly with Netscape is Multiple Windows.
(Control-N or right-button Open In New Window.)
I installed KMeleon using the default full install, and they don't
seem to exist. Is this a major missing feature, or am I just not seeing them?

Thanks; Bill

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RE: Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Owen Butler
Date: August 23, 2000 08:38AM

I use this feature alot also. I would hope for this to be added very soon, twould make it much more usable.

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RE: Multiple Windows?
Date: August 23, 2000 09:00AM

While I would defintely like this feature also it would be nice if the new window opened a with a copy of the current browser window contents rather than the always starting with your home page like Netscape does. Some Netscape users may not prefer things this way so if it could be made a configuration option that can be enabled/disabled everyone would be happy.

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RE: Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Yivi
Date: August 23, 2000 10:04PM

Make it configurable, or make it like in Netscape, please!!
I have a blank "home page", and I like my new windows to open that way. I truly hate having to start pressing "esc, esc, esc" when I open a new window on IE.

And another thing, new windows should start in the same size that the original. With IE 3, and I think that with IE 4/5 also, new windows appeared always smaller than maximized.


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RE: Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Particle Man
Date: August 24, 2000 01:56AM

In addition to these great suggestions, I would like to see:

"tabbed" browser windowss in the same session, with separate histories, dockable/undockable, also invoked by the "Go" button.

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RE: Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Ben Efros
Date: August 24, 2000 04:46AM

I realize the need, I would like to see the multiple window support also.... but what 99% of the people here do not realize is that this is a 0.1 release! It isn't meant for the general consumer right now (which most people are), just realize you aren't using a program that has been heavily tested and put through quality assurance departments.


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RE: Multiple Windows?
Posted by: Brammus
Date: August 24, 2000 09:55PM

"but what 99% of the people here do not realize is that this is a 0.1 release"

Indeed, but i guess it is just a suggestion . . .

The developers now do know that people are asking for that feature.
Other than say: M$, who are NOT actually listening to their customers.

This is a good way to communicate to your customers, but because of that users do not know where the developers are right now, and vice versa, this is the only good way to give input.

This possibility though, should not be seen as a possibility to post flamebaits and such . . .
That would be a whole wrong way of giving input....

For myself: i am really excited and i am desperately waiting for a full ready and functioning program, it is great because people can give their input and than eventually use a damn good! program . . .




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