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Right click pop-up menu
Posted by: Joseph McMurry
Date: August 23, 2000 12:57AM

This browser really needs a right-click/pop-up menu - that would really improve it for me.

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RE: Right click pop-up menu
Posted by: DP
Date: August 23, 2000 03:19AM

I agree ! I like to open multiple windows in IE by right-clicking the ling and then selecting "open in new window"

Besides that, WOW ! Really great program. Add this feature and I'm sold.

DP !

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RE: Right click pop-up menu
Posted by: Jesse
Date: August 23, 2000 04:20AM

Lets not totally follow the IE way blindly on this one though - IE stupidly makes Open Link the first entry in the right click menu, which is totally non-intuitive. Netscape did it much better by putting Open In New Window there instead.
I mean, if you wanted to open the link, why didn't you left click it?

I also reckon that K-Meleon should use the middle mouse button ala Netscape on Linux - ie. middle mouse clicking should open the selected link in a new window.

This is one of my main beef's with IE, and one of the reasons I never switched.
Favourites suck too - bookmarks (and the netscape bookmark manager) are much better with Netscape - but that's an issue for another day smiling smiley

Anyway.. great job Christophe! Keep it up!


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