back button + forms pages &Cut/paste, keyboard
Posted by: Ian Finnesey
Date: August 22, 2000 08:24PM

Even with the prompt asking if I want to resubmit form data when I press back after submitting a form, it still gets resubmitted if I cancel. Fixing that would be nice. (Or at least allowing me to select which page to go back too...I'm guessing from that grayed-out "history" thing under the back and forward buttons that this is a feature in the works. I hope so, anyway.)

Allowing a new window to be opened from within the browser would be nice, too.

Also, I too long for cut and paste, and keyboard scrolling.

RE: back button + forms pages &Cut/paste, keyb
Posted by: Ryan Hayle
Date: August 22, 2000 09:56PM

This is a Gecko bug. Go to to report it, not here. Isn't this obvious to everyone else? *sigh*

RE: back button + forms pages &Cut/paste, keyb
Posted by: Ian Finnesey
Date: August 23, 2000 01:04AM

No, it isn't obvious. How was I to know without prior knowledge of that fact? What clues are there as to when something is a Gecko bug and when it's a browser bug?

Anyhow, I checked in Mozilla, and you're right. Thanks for the correction.

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