Posted by: Dag Agren
Date: August 22, 2000 07:56PM

Things which would be nice (in addition to finishing those parts which don't work yet but appear in the GUI):

* Context menus for downloading files and images etc.
* Multiple windows (like someone mentioned already) + how about a Unix-style middle-mouse-button-opens-in-new-window?
* Real scrollbar + mousewheel support

Personally I also dislike the monochrome IE-style buttons, since colour is a very good way to identify buttons, so it's kind of stupid to only use colour AFTER you've found the button.

RE: Things
Posted by: Dag Agren
Date: August 22, 2000 08:49PM

Oh, and maybe the small toolbar buttons could be just a little bigger? They're a bit hard to hit as it is...

I would also like to say that it's nice to see some people still have their sanity intact with regards to program design. Great work. Keep the skins away.

Also, these pages look very fitting for a small and lightweight program, IMHO.

RE: Things
Posted by: Ryan Hayle
Date: August 23, 2000 04:51AM

The small buttons are exactly the same as in IE5--this is good. What should change is the "large" toolbar buttons should be enlarged, instead of simply showing the small icons just 2x (just like IE).


RE: Things
Posted by: Dag Agren
Date: August 23, 2000 07:04AM

Seems to me though that the frame around the small buttons is smaller than in IE.

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