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Author request
Posted by: Christophe
Date: August 22, 2000 06:08AM

Well, first post, first author request smiling smiley

I would be very grateful if someone will to make a new HTML design for these sucky pages...

Also, i think it'd great to change the browser system icon (the current one has been borrowed from mozilla) and the little AVI animation (borrowed from Galeon).

Well, that's basically it.. and if you like to contribute code or patches, don't hesitate smiling smiley


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RE: Author request
Posted by: McStewart
Date: August 22, 2000 10:07AM

Hi. My name is Doug. I'm not a hardcore website designer, I'm just in high school, but I was playing around and I came up with a relatively simple design for your website thats just about the same as the one now. And pretty easy to update. Also, the colors that are on the example pages can be changed really easily. Here are links to examples: and (same as the other one, but with different colors). Respond if you like them, don't if you don't smiling smiley


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RE: Author request
Posted by: Anubis
Date: August 22, 2000 04:52PM

You know if you eggshelled/off whited that dark gray on both those designs, it'd be a defin[?a|i]te improvement. Simplistic and functional is what its all about.

— Anubis

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