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K-Meleon Browser
Posted by: ALLOTMENT4446
Date: July 11, 2012 07:54PM

Wednesday 11.07.2012

I came across this K-Meleon browser, it downloaded very fast indeed, it also got any link again very fast, including me registering and K-Meleon accepted it straight away, as I didn't have to go to my Inbox to wait for a verification email to click the link.

I've had Google Chrome, IE, IE8, Lunascape, Opera and many others, none are any good at all. Google Chrome frequently crashes, hangs and freezes and they've a very annoying pop up, their "Kill pages" and "Wait" buttons, which pop up over anything I'm doing totally spoling my Internet experience and it is frequently "Not responding," again this too spolis my Internt. I've read many online complaints about all the above browsers and the others I've had.

If K-Meleon stays working as super fast as I've found it, and I've only used it for 15 minutes, I'll say it's the BEST BROWSER AROUND, as so far it is. It loads webpages so fast it's a pleasure to have it, the loading gauge, in the bottom right of the window is empty but fills in 3-4 seconds. Keep up the excellent work K-Meleon and I shall recommend it to anyone I know.


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Re: K-Meleon Browser
Posted by: guenter
Date: July 12, 2012 03:20PM

There is also a stable 1.6.beta2 for download. That is the end of the line.

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