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You Tube/Streming MSN,Etcetera . . .
Posted by: Nort
Date: November 29, 2011 02:49PM

Hi all,first of all,I would like to apolagise,since,as a new member,I basically
posted this message,in the 'General' section .

....And,I did gain some valuable feed-back.Non the less,the issue does require the attention of this section,as,Im quite sure there are *many* more users out there of K-Meleon,using older winn.98 se machines(laptop in my case)...Who are un-aware of this issue(if they never visit you-tube,or watch MSNBC new clips online,use Skype...etcetera....Yeah,I know,I never thought it was possable either ;) ).

....Are there *any**other users out there who cannot enjoy you tube,or streming media?Did you comeup w/q workaround,or just avoid you tube and google vid's,or movies.

**************** The Request of this post ; *************************************
>Create a patch for those running using win 98se,A patch that will allow the user to up-date their currant Flash to newer versions,so that YouTube / Google Video /Mega Video can be watched & enjoyed .

>Or a work-around,where I can click a box,and manually select a you tube player(like VLC) - *only** the video would be handled by the stand-alone player.

- = Computer Specification's = -

ibmthink pad
o/s win.98 se / 32 bit
memory; 128MB
H.D 9 gig
400-MHz Celeron

> Version number of K-Meleon 1.5.4,is my currant browser.

>I did install "Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se",and this hack/update pkg created back in 07 -
it resolved a similar issue,whare a user couldent watch media on youtube,or it was simply way to choppy to enjoy.
..a version of "KernelEx" is inc. with the installer.


> I have installed the latest verion of Kernel Ex,
I have also,as one user pointedout,installed the flash-plugin,

>I have since tried both, Flash-Plug-in's,but Im not absolutly sure
if I have installed properly(?)

>I installed the plug-in's for Flash in these method(s)
...I opened the instal folder of K-Meleon,in the directory,ther are two folders,
So,to cover all the basis,I put a copy of the "Flash Player (9x) plugins " into each folder.

There was also a 'MODULES' folder in the directory,but I did not put acopy of this file into it,but uh,I was thinking about trying it,just to see.

Does anybody notice similar issues with K-Meleom when visiting sites like 'youtube','google video','mega-video',etcetera?

I must say,that,other than that,K-Meleon *IS* the best web-browser that runs the smoothest of evey web browser that I installed on this win.98se laptop;)

..Allot of people might say,its time to up-grade,ect ect...To them I would say,its a bit arder to justify a new computer purchase,since I have been married only just over a year,and we allready have another mouth to feed;).....
And,since Im not a gamer,well,I souldent say that,I really enjoy the classic arcade or old nintendo 2 d side scroll stuff,but can you believe that this old laptop is still usefull tomy wife & I,bud jeting,email,researching,etcetera...

Finally(sorry for te LONGGGGG post;)......


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