unMHT for K-Meleon
Posted by: InSearchOf
Date: February 21, 2011 03:21AM

Why isn't unMHT (Firefox add on) in K-Meleon ? I need something better to save web pages. Can it be imported and integrated somehow ? Thanks

Re: unMHT for K-Meleon
Posted by: finder
Date: February 21, 2011 04:08AM


MHT Service

mht service enables saving webpages into single web archive format mht. reading mht files is made possible through the ietab extension which is included
menu entry: file>mht service
extra notes: ietab extension is included to enable mht read
versions supported: 1.1.x - 1.5.x

KMA Service

kma or K-Meleon Mafuka Archive is a single page archive format using 7-z compression. the kma service extension enables saving and opening kma files.
menu entry:file>kma service
extra notes:
versions supported: 1.1.x - 1.5.x

PHF Service

enables saving webpages in the phf single archive format . the phf format writes the media content such as images within the code so that this content becomes embedded inside the page.
menu entry:file>save as phf
extra notes:
versions supported: 1.1.x - 1.5.x

More infos http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?9,113848

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