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Ikariam and K-melon
Posted by: Earl
Date: June 24, 2010 06:42PM

I would like to suggest for K-meleon developers to make the Ikariam scripts compatible with K-meleon. These are the two scripts that us Ikariam players need to have badly; Ikariam CR Converter ( and Ikariam v3 Empire Board ( If this 2 scripts only works with K-meleon I will be very happy, not only me but also all of my friends playing Ikariam. If this happens me and my friends are going to suggest K-meleon to all Ikariam players, we're gonna post on their forum how amazing your browser works with that game. Please make those two scripts work for K-meleon, we are begging you. Please send us a feedback on the email address I've provided above, we will wait for your answer. Thank you! K-meleon is the best browser.

Those 2 scripts I've provided above only works with Mozilla Firefox Greasemonkey. We've tried installing the Greasemeleon and tried installing those 2 scripts but It don't work. It says on the status bar (below the page) that it's compatible with greasemeleon but whenever we hit the "install" it only shows us letters and numbers.
I don't know if it's really compatible with greasemeleon or if theres something else that we should do to make it work, Please we are begging you help us please.

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