Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: Carlos
Date: March 11, 2010 12:27AM

I love to customize the browser for the websites to occupy as much screen as possible, I've made K-meleon this way, and Chrome has that minimal interface by default, and I want more for k-meleon, I want my tabs to be a the very top of the screen without the title bar. It would be nice. Take a look at this comparsion screenshots.

My k-meleon.

That other browser.

Re: Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: SoerenB
Date: March 11, 2010 03:52AM

Hi, Carlos,

disrupted wrote a macro for this, called TS-wincontrols. Works for versions 1.5.4 and later.


KM 1.74b4u1 in Wine 1.6 on Linux Mint 17 (XFCE)
- and still being surprised every day
how easily all of this works ...

Re: Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: Carlos
Date: March 11, 2010 04:03AM

That is so nice! Thanks an awful lot.

Re: Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: newman
Date: July 22, 2010 06:05AM

Hi guys,

I just tried the plug-in and its works great. But I am running v1.6.0a4 with the plug-in and I noticed my CPU and core usage jump more than it does than without the plug-in. My memory usage also increased prob. because it is running 2 other processes Tmousehook.exe and kmwincontrollers.exe so I am sticking with 1.6.0a4 standard for now.

Re: Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: disrupted
Date: July 24, 2010 01:11AM

this is an old version, the new version is ts-wincontrols2

in all versions winxontrollers process doesn't run with kmeleon and is only triggered when when you initiate a window movement, in the latest version window manipulation uses internal macro commands and only relies on wincontrollers for move.

the version with the mousehook is to enable window move by pressing the capslock+mouse left button and this is for 1.5.4 version only(not above or below)

this is the download link for 1.5.4 only

for 1.6, there's a 'temp' version that enables hiding the titlebar without a mousehook since that isn't needed as you can eaisly move the winodw in 1.6 by left clicking the tabbar and moving your mouse. in th final version that extension will not be needed as the official 1.6 will provide an option to hide the titlebar by default.

for 1.6 alpha, download from this link

more info and tutorial there:

Re: Eliminating the title bar.
Posted by: newman
Date: July 25, 2010 10:47PM

Hey thanks disrupted, that is awesome. Man you guys are insane, thank you can't wait for the final version to come out. cheers

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