K-Meleon forum translation improvements
Posted by: AirSpirit
Date: February 22, 2010 02:27AM

I can help developers with proper translation of this forum into Russian.
Current translation is incomplete mess of Russian and English words, with some typos like "Найстройки" instead of "Настройки" (Options) and even with a "street language" like "Позырить" instead of "Просмотреть" (View).
It looks funny, but it also looks unprofessional.

Re: K-Meleon forum translation improvements
Posted by: siria
Date: February 22, 2010 03:13AM

grinning smiley You're lucky that you see anything readable at all, actually there are also two german variations that don't even exist. If some user happens to choose one of those, he doesn't see *anything* anymore, and hardly finds his way out anymore! Completely blind cool smiley Long since known, but no one ever changes, though it can't really take more than 5 minutes...

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