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Site crashes browser, cache destroyed
Posted by: Doon
Date: October 26, 2009 05:48AM


Update: There is a fix, please read http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?9,98959

I can visit http://news.com ( http://news.cnet.com ) and reliably crash K-Meleon (1.5.3) about once in every dozen page views anywhere on the site. I have found no common cause in the crashes but I suspect it could be ad related due the intermittant nature. It's always "K-MELEONW9X caused an invalid page fault in module GKLAYOUT.DLL". It doesn't seem to matter what is enabled or disabled. K-Meleon is stock, and there is no interfering 3rd party software on my (Win98) PC.

That said, anyone is welcome to try to crash their browser too, but frankly I don't care about the issue specifically. In my week with K-Meleon I've experienced so many catastrophic failures and spent so much time finding workarounds that I'm just tired and expect such things will continue to happen. I haven't gone many places yet but I've already stumbled across two sites that would fatally freeze my screen (as described on page three of the sticky Crash Report Thread), and now the page fault crashes I just described (not to mention having to find workarounds to get yahoo mail to work properly on my terms). The possibility is strong that my old PC/OS/Install presents a great platform for K-M failure, so I'm not really complaining about the browser itself, on the contrary I've mostly been extolling it's virtues, all the while bashing my head against it failures and convoluted nature.

What I really want to know is, is there a way to stop K-Meleon from deleting my cache after a crash?

I suspect not, I haven't found anything in that regard. The thing is, I'm on a slow dialup connection (that is not a redundant statement) and an avid offline browser, especially when doing days of research. I dislike the way the browser history is handled, being slim on features (a lack of search, and the extension I tried didn't seem to work properly either), but so be it, I may be able to live with such limitations or be able to improve the situation in the future. But having my carefully hoarded cache destroyed for what seems to be no good reason is stupid. I have now set up a macro to trigger on browser startup that will create an incremental backup of my whole profile folder, but the fact that I needed to do this on top of everything else borders on ridiculous.

To summarize:
News.com reliably crashes the browser, check it out if you like.
And, is there any way to stop K-Meleon from trashing my cache after a crash?

On an unrelated note, if I type %date% into the pop-up search box the google results show the first three characters (%d) transformed into some kind of accented U.

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Re: Site crashes browser, cache destroyed
Posted by: guenter
Date: October 26, 2009 07:52AM

I did not manage to crash my install on cnet. Possible reason activated flashblock?

I am a hopeless bug tester anyway & do not see much crashing even when I should. grinning smiley

p.s. K-Meleon will normally hold on until after next system install.

Usual system problems that affect K-Meleon are

- can not find plugins. Put plugins to K-Meleon's own plugins dir.

- frequent scandisk run / prepare a backup of Profiles dir and copy it back after scandisk. Or repair manually if You do not.

- Cache corrupt. Delete cache. Can be also caused from sites. Yahoo recommends that if You cannot log in.

K-Meleon itself does not rely on registry (only its plugin support does).
It is not affected by the registry problems of a decaying Windows install.

The old default setup location with profiles in K-Meleon install dir is IMHO even more robust than current default location.

On my P III 500 I have K-Meleon installs that range back to a genuine 0.8.2 private build by Dorian. Survived 5 or more systems on that particular machine.

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Re: Site crashes browser, cache destroyed
Posted by: siria
Date: October 26, 2009 08:46AM

Oh man, I'm sorry for you :-( I've hardly ever any crashes anymore, on 98se, and even years ago when that one link froze it yet (and has miraculously cured itself somehow), it was the only page ever. As far as I remember, hmm....

But there IS a history search: Type-as-you-find kind. Just open history and start typing anything smiling smiley (What I learned recently, since guess jsnj told me that "hidden" feature for the hotlist/bookmarks folder grinning smiley)

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Posted by: Doon
Date: October 28, 2009 06:31AM

Thank you kind folks. I've wrestled with this some more but it seems hopeless. Having my cache constantly wiped out is intolerable, so to protect my own peace I need to delete the browser and move on. Perhaps I'll try again one day when a new version comes along, or if I can't find happiness elsewhere (Opera is my only real prospect) I might try a previous version or something. So long, have fun.

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Re: peace
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 04, 2009 03:28PM

opera is a great browser.. if you don't really need/miss some of the ported xul extensions or specific gecko features; opera will not disappoint you.

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