Posted by: Perjill
Date: September 26, 2009 03:23PM

People, please help, since a few days ago K-Meleon won't show any images. No matter which site is, no background, no users images, nothing. Since this is happening with every site I visit I think the problem lies within K-Meleon.

Thanks for your help!


Re: Images!
Posted by: desga2
Date: September 26, 2009 05:37PM

Press F9, or look in Tools -> Privacy -> "Block Images" option must be uncheked to show images.

Also you can check it in View -> Toolbars -> Check "Privacy Bar" -> "Images" button.

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Re: Images!
Posted by: guenter
Date: September 27, 2009 12:49AM

Explanation of what happened: Show images is toggled by the accelerator key F9.
You have pressed F9 unintentionally.

Just in case You do not found the reason by now. smiling smiley

Cure like desga2 said.

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Re: Images!
Posted by: Perjill
Date: September 27, 2009 03:27AM

Thank you so much! Now everything is back to normal!

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