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Gmail won't star a message
Posted by: Ralph
Date: February 01, 2009 04:02AM

In K-Meleon, I don't get any reaction on the Gmail page when I click the little star-shaped icon you use to mark a message as special. Can't un-star either.

I have been using Chrome most of the time, with the occasional resort to IE when some site won't play nice. I'm not doing much with Firefox.

Just tried K-Meleon tonight -- a very nice browser -- thank you.

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Re: Gmail won't star a message
Posted by: guenter
Date: February 01, 2009 11:14AM

IMHO a known bug in Gmail. Do a forum search for all details.
Or use this link to get most. Since Gmail and other web mail providers intentionally sabotage Gecko browsers other than Firefox. These Gecko browsers have to spoof Firefox to get service at Yahoo New Mail, Hotmail and Gmail to mention the biggest three saboteurs.

Try menu item Tools > Browser(whatever it is in English) and set User Agent String to Firefox.

BTW. In spite of the fact that You did not know. This forum part is for K-Meleon bugs only.

This is not a K-Meleon bug - but a FAQ, often asked and answered question, for "General" help forum. How do I run K-Meleon with saboteur site "XYZ".

Answers: allow cookies, ECMAscript and/or spoof FPox.

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Re: Gmail won't star a message
Posted by: letitbeme2
Date: March 22, 2009 09:20AM

Many thanks as this works for me too.

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