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Corrupted Program?
Posted by: Keitava
Date: November 19, 2008 10:51AM

Well, recently my PC had a big crash. The Windows just stopped, and i had to reset the machine. Ok, not that strange.
After the reboot, opened K-Meleon, and got my little surprise. Favorite bar disappeared, and so the favorites link in my toolbar, and so, every stored login and password, and my favorites toolbar too.

I'm not pretty sure that's a real bug, but i can't get all these things back in the navigator. In the toolbars menu, in advanced preferences the bookmarks and favorites toolbar appear in gray.

So, what to do? I've lost all my favorites? Please, tell there is a way. >_>

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Re: Corrupted Program?
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 19, 2008 12:28PM

it seems kmeleon was running when your pc crashed that causes windows to expunge some files from your profile folder. unfortunately it appears that your favourites(bookmarks) are gone forever

you will need to create a new profile folder.
1. open kmeleon
2. in kmeleon> click on edit menu and select manage profiles
3. in manage profiles dialog, click on new button and then check 'ask at startup'

4. restart kmeleon
5. the profile manager will open, select the newly created profile
6. make sure everything is working as it should, customise your settings again etc
7. open profile manager again, select the old profile and click delete button and uncheck ask at startup.

in the furture, you should create a backup for your profile, especially if you experience a lot of windows crashes.

extract all its contents in the kmeleon folder and restart kmeleon, it will add a new entry in the edit menu>profiles backup.. select it and create a backup, if any thing goes wrong with your profile in the future.. just open profiles backup and restore a backup. remeber to backup your profile everytime you make important changes to kmeleon settings or add sites to your bookmarks.

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Re: Corrupted Program?
Posted by: desga2
Date: November 19, 2008 04:54PM

Sorry disrupted, but i don't agree with you.
K-Meleon not work in this way. (As you posted)
When your windows crash K-Meleon can't save his changes in configurations files (in profile). When K-Meleon restarted found a profile corrupted and then created a new default profile.

Now you must have two K-Meleon user profiles in your K-Meleon Profiles folder; the old profile corrupted and the new profile (default).
You can copy your old profile files in your new profile and restore your old favorites and passwords. The main file that usually is corrupted is "prefs.js". This file save all your browser configurations. Copy rest of files excepted "prefs.js".
The file "bookmarks.html" save your bookmarks and *.db files are privacy datas as history, passwords, certificates.

K-Meleon in Spanish

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Re: Corrupted Program?
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 19, 2008 05:30PM

oh i didn't know kmeleon will automatically create a new profile after a crash.
i stand corrected!

note to self: for future testing, must crash windows while kmeleon is running smiling smiley

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Re: Corrupted Program?
Posted by: caktus
Date: November 19, 2008 05:49PM

I maintain a folder I named "KM Stuff." In this file I maintain K-Meleon1.5.1en-US.exe, a .txt file of misc. strings code/macros, Setup.exe's of Spelltest, Noscript, etc. as well as the KM 1.5.1 installation. I compress the "KM Stuff" folder (.zip works but 7z is faster and more reliable) and store one compressed copy on the computer and another on CDRW. And when I create changes to KM that I do not want to have to rebuild, I just over-write the saved compressed folder so when necessary all I will have to do is unpack it.

Hope someone finds this helpful.


~~If it ain't broke, why screw it up?~~

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