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KM Sluggish At Times Without Java Installed
Posted by: DasFox
Date: November 14, 2008 09:02AM

At the moment I don't have Java installed, I guess you could say I'm under protest, I'm not happy the latest version now installs a 'Servicve', just what we need more resources getting sucked up...

Ok that's my rant...

So I've discovered that if you don't have java installed KM acts a bit goofy at times...


1. I got to download something, download window takes forever to popup and start download.

2. Surfing on the web pages load slow and browser will lock up for a few seconds.

3. Minimize and maximize KM to and from the taskbar, KM will open real slow

Personally I don't get why KM behaves really sluggish without java installed but it does, because I've run 1.5.1 since it came out with Java installed and I never once experienced any of this, and ever since I started not using Java KM has been like this, so it's quite obvious something is going on without Java installed that KM doesn't like...

I hope someone can figure this out, because I really don't have much need for Java.


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Re: KM Sluggish At Times Without Java Installed
Posted by: disrupted(unlogged)
Date: November 14, 2008 10:34AM

that is really very weird.. any browser should not be affected if java or any other plugin/runtime isn't installed.. it could be that you didn't completely uninstall java meaning that there are still references of it in the registry that kmeleon detects and yet the registered files aren't there causing kmeleon to actup.

check in kmeleon help>about plugins and see if there are any entries for java jre.
if there is.. you'll need to dig into the registry and remove all java classes and enteries for all java plugins (npjavaxx.dll)

i'd also recommend installing an older version.
check this link:

try version 1.6, it's the one i use and so far it hasn't caused any issues nor did any site or java application have asked me to update.

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