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applet support
Posted by: huubf
Date: November 13, 2008 10:48AM

I came accros two sites with applets where the applet does not work

http://www.nl.map24.com/ k-meleon crash
http://gbkn-bestel.geodan.nl/basiskaartonline_viewer.asp applet does not load

tis a shame cause k-meleon rocks!

regards Huub

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Re: applet support
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 13, 2008 03:53PM

the first site/aplet couldn't load and caused a somewhat freeze.. that i didn't even get a chance to view the error console.. i'll have to check out its live source code and test it out with firehog..

the second site did load but because i only know one phrase in dutch i had trouble activating the map.. finally it popped a message about a 'pop-up' so i granted it popup access and then it started littering my desktop with double dutch messages ..literally! finally i was able to see the map with an amsterdamn postal code.. so there are no problems with the last site and no errors.

if you still can't load it, it might be a java issue with gecko 1.8, alain previously mentioned in this post:

i'm using a relatively old java edition 1.6.0 i think but it never gave me any problems so far whether with applications or internet aplets.. so check if your version is the same revision juju referred to.. if that's your case you might need to downgrade your java.. which i admit, is not an easy decision to make since other browsers rely on it and not just k-meleon.. but if k-meleon is your default browser; you should then remove that java edition and install the one that works with our gecko.

ik ben een kunstenaar!

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