Offline mode is buggy
Posted by: ra
Date: January 05, 2005 08:28AM

Has anyone in here tested out the offline mode from the file menu? I just tried it a bit (running 0.9 RC1 on Win XP SP2) and I think it is sometimes behaving quite strange (well, buggy, but it's still a nice addition to K-M).

1.) If offline is checked and I open a page that is not cached I get a nice XUL error page (I have XUL error pages enabled) telling me that the page is not available offline and what I could do. So far so great.

So I do what the page says and uncheck offline, erm, well ..., I try to, but the check mark doesn't disappear. But it will disappear the second time I uncheck offline mode. In fact *every* page load (even a reload of a cached page) while in offline mode will lead to this state (= K-M requires double-unchecking later on to get back into online mode).

2.)If I check offline while a page is loading the loading stalls, but it doesn't stop. The page continues to load endlessly (without any progress of course). Might be okay, but probably not what a user expects (that would probably be cancelling loading and a partial display and/or a error message).

3.) Minor thing: If K-M is closed in *offline* mode it will be in *online* mode again when it is started. Depending on what you expect that's either a bug or nice. ;-) I'm tending to nice after thinking a bit about it. It's a browser after all. <g> So, let's skip 3.)

4.)I'm not sure if it matters if layers are enabled for the following bug. I only tested with *disabled layers*.

Please follow carefully. :-)

- Exit K-M and open it again (=> window1) [or leave only one window open...]
- Now check offline in window1.
- Open a new window (=> window2).
(- Notice that offline is still checked in window2 and window1.)
- Close window1(!).
(- Notice that offline mode is still checked in - the remaining - window2.)
- Now open a new window (=> window3).
=> Oops, offline mode will be *unchecked*. Bug.
=> Now try to load a page that's not in the cache. You'll get an error message - K-M is still in offline mode, although the menu isn't checked anymore. Bug.
=> At this point you'll have to click offline *three* times to get back into online mode (or just exit and restart the browser).

That's what I noticed so far after a few minutes of testing.

Re: Offline mode is buggy
Posted by: ra
Date: January 12, 2005 12:26AM

Cool! Just installed RC2:

1.) Fixed!
2.) Fixed!
3.) Fixed/Changed again. (K-M remembers whether it was on- or offline.)
4.) Fixed!

Re: Offline mode is buggy
Posted by: Andrew
Date: January 12, 2005 01:03AM


Re: Offline mode is buggy
Posted by: cbfalconer
Date: January 22, 2005 10:54AM

I have no idea whether I can eventually find an answer on this system. You can help
me out by replying to cbfalconerATworldnetDOTattDOTnet.

At any rate, I just installed km09 after removing km082, primarily because I
understood that it had an offline mode. Surprise - I don't find any.

I am running on a 486-DS80 under W98 FE. When I uninstalled KM082 I
preserved the profiles etc. The new km09 came up with Favorites and Hotlist menus (which were new) and no Tools menu.

I signed up for the mailing list, and am receiving it, but nothing I write ever appears

Re: Offline mode is buggy
Posted by: ra
Date: January 22, 2005 11:03AM

1.) Please install 0.9 in a completely empty directory. Don't copy over your profile from 0.8.2 (if you do you won't get the updated menus from 0.9, macros won't work and so on)! If you should really need your cookies, history or stored passwords we can take them over later.

2.) Check File - Offline to work offline.

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