Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 11:21AM

I want to get a consolidated list of bugs for Beta 3. If you've reported a bug that hasn't been resolved yet, please re-post your report here. We want to get as many of those addressed as soon as possible so we can get a final test build out.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 11:47AM

I'll get the list started:

* "Empty" Bookmarks Toolbar. Reported by Ra, frederik and Bart³omiej Szczud³o . Possibly related to "fix" for Bookmarks toolbar leak.

* Crash with Free download manager plugin. Reported by lbmixpro.

* Security icon doesn't repaint completely. Reported by Ra and Transitman.

* Click on History button causes a crash. Reported by clickfish.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 12:56PM

A few more:

* Misaligned menu items. Reported by Ra and Kidman
"The misalignment issue is bmpmenu plugin related and specific to Win2k & XP. If that plugin is enabled then macro menu items are aligned differently than plugin and ID Command menu items for some reason. If the bmpmenu plugin is disabled, the misalignment disappears, but then so do all menu icons including bookmark folder and url icons. Win9x users don't have this problem at all AFAIK." - jsnj

* Encoding selection under View - Encoding doesn't indicate selected option. Reported by Kidman.

* about:cache-entry doesn't work.
Reported by Kidman.

* Missing the rocker gestures known from Opera in the default gestures plugin. Reported by Ra.

* Request for the return of the WinAmp plugin. Reported by Ra.

* Request for a way to re-enable the context menu icons. Reported by Ra.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 03:26PM

Another one:

* Control+C of image can cause K-Meleon to crash. Reported by Kerodo.
Right-click on an image and select View Image. Highlight the image and select control+c. Close the window or layer. K-Meleon crashes.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Bana
Date: November 27, 2004 08:35PM

randomly, with about 1 out of 100 right-clicks on a hyperlink, the open layer simply closes (nothing more than a right-click on a hyperlink needed).
This either happens as I click on the hyperlink, or after I click on "Open in Background Layer".

KM beta3, clean install.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: ra
Date: November 27, 2004 10:00PM

* clickfish's history crash sounds like <>. Reading the history.txt file is dirty anyway, chrome://history/content/history.xul wouldn't be. ;)

* Bug 26 - Accelerator keys now work for the main menu even if the rebar plugin is enabled, but the menus appear at weird locations on the screen if the main bar is not at the default position but e.g. in the middle of a row. And minor: The selected menu (e.g. "File", "Edit", ...) doesn't get this "pressed button look" that it gets if it is opened with the mouse.

* Just read your eMail on the dev-list, Andrew: Please go for 1.8a5. I have been using the bleading test build from Ulf for the last few days - it is as stable as 1.7.x, but way faster.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 11:48PM

Good catch Ra.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 27, 2004 11:52PM


Doh - that was meant for the bug 315 post on another thread. But still good work.

I'll add some notes to the Bugs page about those two items.

Thanks for the input re: the Mozilla code. As I noted, normally I would lean towards the stable code but since the 1.8 code is going through an extended testing phase, it seems like it should be safe to go with 1.8.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Kerodo
Date: November 28, 2004 04:43AM

This is a weird one, but I'll report it anyway. I installed beta 3 last night and then today I was entering various sites in the URL bar and then bookmarking them. At one point, after maybe 16 bookmarks or so, KM began duplicating bookmarks for some reason. It duplicated the last one I entered about 6 times while I was editing bookmarks, and then it duplicated another one also.

I can't figure out what caused it to duplicate, and right now I can't duplicate the problem either. I stopped it by deleting the ones that were duplicating, and then exiting and restarting KM. Now everything seems to be ok.

I'll see if I can get it to happen again..

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: SlideRule
Date: November 28, 2004 10:39AM

While the following items may not be 'bugs', but rather enhancements for K-Meleon 0.9b3 . . . I would suggest:

1. Modify menus.cfg in the Close button,

%ifplugin layers
layers(Close, C&lose Layer\tCtrl+F4)
layers(CloseAllOther, Close All Other Layers)
&Close Window\tAlt+F4 = ID_FILE_CLOSE
&Exit\tCtrl+Alt+F4 = ID_APP_EXIT

so when right clicking on the close button, an option to close all other layers (that is, all layers EXCEPT the current one) is available, as well as in the File menu option.

2. In accel.cfg, add the following item:


and, change menus.cfg as follows:

&Print...\tCtrl+P = ID_FILE_PRINT
Print Pre&view\tCtrl+Alt+P = ID_FILE_PRINTPREVIEW

the reason is to have a 'default' keyboard option when print preview is executed, to 'return' out of the print preview mode.

Hope this helps, and, K-Meleon remains the greatest browser. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

(grew up just north of Canada)

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Kerodo
Date: November 29, 2004 01:40PM

Another minor bug...

If you View -> Toolbars -> Lock the toolbars, then it seems to work, however if you then click on any layer, it unlocks the toolbars, even thought the lock option is still checked and so on.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 29, 2004 01:56PM

I think jsnj has commented on this before - this only happens if you open multiple layers and then go back to the first, lock the toolbars, and then go back to one of the other layers. If you lock the toolbars on the first layer, subsequent layers should not cause the toolbars to come unlocked.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Marco
Date: November 30, 2004 02:20AM

The 'lock' in the statusbar is not redrawn if a https page is openend. The image is active but it needs a repaint (forcing a repaint by hiding the image behind another window makes it appear).

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: November 30, 2004 03:05AM


That's a bug that's the result of another fix. It's reported somewhere near the top of this thread.

Re: Beta 3 Bugs
Posted by: ra
Date: November 30, 2004 03:13AM

Something I just noticed with 0.9 beta 3 oob:

Cancelling downloads (started by right-clicking and choosing *save link as*...) is *broken* once again. K-M stops downloading but the partly downloaded files remain in their save directories (these should be deleted if the user chooses to cancel the download).

Cancelling downloads that were *started by a server* (SF-downloads for example, don't know how to describe that better) *works* (well, the checkbox to keep the download window open was disabled by Ulf, but apart from that).

I think this area probably needs some work, considering the other difference in both download methods: Right-clicking and ... leads to *saving directly to the filename*, "auto-downloading" leads to a *filename.part file* that get's renamed once the download is complete

BTW: If we go for 1.8a5 (I really hope we do, the speed difference is amazing and it feels very stable - Andrew already mentioned the longer testing phase, it seems to pay off) cancelling "auto-downloads" is broken, *too*. At least in the bleading test build.

Hidden Groups
Posted by: jsnj
Date: November 30, 2004 06:08AM

Can anyone reproduce the following?

Browsing Mode = Layers Only

1).Open many layers in a window. I can reproduce the bug with at least 10, but for testing purposes open at least 15.

2) Now open a Group or Folder Only(Shift+Enter) that has considerably less URLs in it than are currently open.

For me, what happens is that while the URLs in the window are being replaced by the Group URLs, KM disappears but is still actively running. This doesn't happen in Layers & Windows mode. I reported this to Ulf before beta3 was released, but I thought it was fixed, not realizing that it's Layers Only mode dependent. Before I report it again, I want to make sure that it's not just something strange in my settings.

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