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Re: Anyone got crashes in js3250.dll?
Posted by: herb
Date: April 10, 2007 06:39PM

Yeah, plenty of them in Sea Monkey and Firefox both. Whenever I try to use the keyboard, get the same error signature: mod name: js3250.dll. Shuts down the program. This happens when typing e-mail and newsgroup responses,
bookmark editing, etc. Need help desperately.

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Re: Anyone got crashes in js3250.dll?
Posted by: Matthew Smith
Date: July 04, 2007 04:51AM

i get it all the time in firefox (but i also got them in

It's always something. i can start up just fine, but doesn't matter if i have 1 or 10 tabs open. once a day it seems at least firefox must shut down.

I run xp pro sp2 and my extensions are:
adblock plus
download statusbar 0.95
fasterfox 2.0.0
IE Tab

And my themes:
modern aluminum 2.0.14
ifox metal 2.4.4

i've tried uninstalling (regular, not the manual total way) and reinstalling which temp fixes the problem.

i use advanced windows care v2 as an all in one reg cleaner, spybot s&d, AVG, AntiVir Guard, i defrag weekly, and i don't download any po.rn or anything like that. any help?

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Re: Anyone got crashes in js3250.dll?
Posted by: LoraJones
Date: January 10, 2011 07:39AM


Been using 0.75 for a long while before switching to 0.81. With 0.75
I had no crashes so far. Now, 0.81 crashed for the fifth time today.

But sadly, I can't seem to reproduce the crashes for a detailed bug-

Maybe someone can help out in tracking down (at least) this bug?
Would be nice and we all will get a better browser. :-)

Installed 0.81 in an empty directory. I don't use any old files, but
have customized KM just like I have done before (macros, menus, skin).

PlugIns active:
Bitmapped Menus (never used that one with v0.75, so ...), Favorites,
Macros, Toolbar Control, Rebar Menu, Bookmarks, History, Fullscreen.

System: Windows XP SP1 with all updates. Nothing changed since 0.75.

Opened KM, opened about 20 links in new background windows, closed
one or two, read one site for a while, wanted to switch to another
window on the taskbar and bang - right before opening the window -
down went KM.

AppName: k-meleon.exe
ModName: js350.dll
Offset: 00002b9c

Has anyone experienced a crash in js3250.dll, too? What did you do
before KM crashed?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


You can go to this site ..

as I registered few dll's from this site as it is free...worked in my case smiling smiley

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