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Browser crash
Posted by: Kerodo
Date: December 14, 2003 12:14PM

Just downloaded K-Meleon and went to a browser security test site to test it out.

Go here: http://bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck/

and run all tests. K-Meleon crashes fairly early in the tests. Don't know why or which test, but it crashes. Both Mozilla and Firebird do NOT crash. So it's something particular to K-Meleon.

Otherwise, so far I like it. Just thought I'd better report the crash...

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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: Bernard Mercier
Date: December 14, 2003 05:39PM

I had a crash when running first time.
It happened after saving the wav file.

Second time I didn't save the wav file and the tests continued.
I had errors from the crescendo player for midi files, but the tests continued.
It was only at the very last fase of the tests (I already had 30 out 30 test performed) that a crash occured.
There were some 25 windows open at that time.


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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: Eyes-Only
Date: December 15, 2003 07:10AM

I think you found the crux of the problem Bernard: The amount of windows opened. When my browser reached a certain number of opened windows (I forget how many---I'm on a t1 so it was going FAST) the browser crashed---"POW!". ;) And then elsewhere in here another user said when he had 20 windows opened his browser crashed. So this leads me to believe it has something to do with the number of windows opened. Tu le crois aussi mon ami?

À la prochaine,


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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: ra
Date: December 15, 2003 07:28AM

I rather think it might be because of the layers plugin, the catching of windows and the fast rate, with which new windows are opened.

I think, I am that user you're speaking of and KM didn't crash on that test here:


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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: andya
Date: December 15, 2003 05:33PM

I ran that test that Kerodos mentioned at http://bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck/ and I was able to save the wav file, but crashed shortly after saving the midi file. I checked my hard drive and the midi file is there.

That doesn't tell me much of anything though, I don't know anything about the tests it's performing. And any site can say it's running a security test. For all we know it could be someone who's against the open source concept. Far-fetched I realize. smiling smiley More likely that it's a bug in KM, but personally I don't feel that a site running a security test that causes my browser to crash is incontrovertible proof of a bug. Here's what I caught before km crashed.

K-MELEON caused an invalid page fault in
module TOOLBARS.DLL at 0187:018f2be6.
EAX=6e656d75 CS=0187 EIP=018f2be6 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000010 SS=018f ESP=0067f2b8 EBP=00000000
ECX=007c04f0 DS=018f ESI=00000000 FS=2abf
EDX=018f2b70 ES=018f EDI=0000055c GS=400f
Bytes at CS:EIP:
39 78 34 74 0b 8b c8 8b 40 30 85 c0 75 f2 eb 32
Stack dump:
00000000 0000055c 00000000 00000010 018e1832 0000055c 00000010 00000000 00000000 0000055c 00000010 0000055c 000013f4 007d83b0 0185b2a9 0185b2a9

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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: andya
Date: December 15, 2003 05:40PM

Ah, right there on that security test page at that link which Kerudos provided.

"We did not check if Browser Security Test works with your version of the browser. That means that it might not work at all or crash your browser. We don't have any tests that check for vulnerabilities specific to your browser version. The test often shows false positives for untested browsers. If you still want to run the tests, please click on the button below."

That tells me they can only detect km throught the http_agent string probably, but their tests are primarily designed to work with IE or Mozilla. Doesn't necessarily mean that because a netscape browser wouldn't crash while Kmeleon does that it's because of a bug. Just means that their test didn't compensate for some code that's unique to K-meleon. I can't rule either out personally. Reading some of the recent messages posted here, it seems pretty certain to me that some genuine bugs are cropping up.

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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: andya
Date: December 15, 2003 05:57PM

Doesn't appear to be the amount of windows one has open. I disabled the toolbar control plugin and disabled the bookmarks toolbar, then ran the test. Since that error message I got involved toolbar.dll, thought it the best place to start.

Well, unfortunately the results aren't in my buffer anymore, and ctrl-v is laughing at me. smiling smiley But it came up 0 on low, 0 on medium, and 0 on high risk vulnerabilities.

What I said earlier holds true in this regard as well, in the fact that even though now KM didn't have any problems, doesn't mean it doesn't have any security vulnerabilities, it only doesn't have the ones that are presently KNOWN and programmed into that test.

Perhaps it is the amount of windows one has open, but in conjunction with the toolbar plug-in, which is probably the true root of the crash.

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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: Bernard Mercier
Date: December 16, 2003 02:35AM

At first sight, and as reported by users, the number of windows play a role.
But there are other crash types as well.

I can reproduce a crash when minimizing K-M while loading a page.
After a short while K-M crashes.

This may not be the same one, but the 0.8.1 seems to produce crashes, while the 0.8 didn't.

Voici mon expérience.


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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: mglix
Date: December 16, 2003 10:36PM

no problems, no crash on http://bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck/

WIN 98 SE Kmeleon 0.81


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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: kaitokid
Date: October 17, 2004 03:18AM

please help me the Browser not support the arabic site

it is show me mistake in the name of arabic site

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Re: Browser crash
Posted by: guenter
Date: October 17, 2004 04:10PM

High Risk Vulnerabilities 0
Medium Risk Vulnerabilities 0
Low Risk Vulnerabilities 0

fairly easy: switch either layers or toolbars out.
same problem as on this page:


IMHO a long existing fault.

@kaitokid maybe give exaample url and explain as good as You can.

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