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Posted by: Kalervo Manni
Date: October 26, 2001 09:19AM

When I select File / Exit, it's closing my downloads also. That's very annoying. I believe that most users that are selecting exit, doesn't want to cancel their downloads. I'm using K-Meleon 0.5. It would be very good to see that this feature is fixed in next release.

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Re: Download
Posted by: Fulvio Perini
Date: October 26, 2001 04:24PM

I have not tried any download from K-meleon,so I cannot tell if it has a download manager,just as in Netscape6 or Mozilla.I would expect that it has,and I do not know if it can be by-passed.You should be able to continue the download as long as you are online,I think.

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Re: Download
Posted by: Brian
Date: October 27, 2001 01:10AM

"Exit" means close down the entire browser. That means k-meleon is completely unloaded from memory. If you just want to close the browser windows, click "Close" instead of "Exit"

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