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Plugins and other stuff
Posted by: Fulvio Perini
Date: October 26, 2001 03:26AM

I had given up on K-meleon,on account of a number of unexplainable things,but since everyone seems to have been enthusastic about,I decided to give it another shot.
First,I decided of set up my bookmark's toolbar using a daily,which was getting a bit old,so working perfectly well.So,I did,I restarted K-meleon,and sure enough the personal toolbar was there,though unmanageable.Then I exited to perform the last rites on the nightly.And,it seems that K-meleon lifted the entire Personal Toolbar.At that point,I did not care anymore about the nightly,but I will have to be careful.
As for the plugins,they do not work the way they do in Netscape,or any Mozilla.For instance,in the case of Real Player files,they are downloaded,I have to open them,and nothing plays.Or RP has to convert them in usable form.Windows Media file make some noise,initially,playing with MusicMatch,and Quicktime files do not make a sound.The same files were copied from Mozilla Plugin folders,and in fact,I am listening to music played after opening in Mozilla.Briefly,the plugins do not work the same way as they did where they came from. Am I missing something,or is this a K-meleon bug.?

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Re: Plugins and other stuff
Posted by: Fulvio Perini
Date: October 27, 2001 04:56AM

Well,I think that K-meleon has to go,too many problems,and no response.I will back periodically.

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