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local adresses don't work properly
Posted by: Kidman
Date: October 22, 2001 01:42PM

If you enter a local adress manually you get different strange results. now what i entered and what the browser did:

c:\ - opens a "save file under..." dialog and wants to save under a strange (temporary) filename (no cahnges to the URL line)

file://c:\ - the same

file:///c:\ - the same

c:\blah (that directory does not exist) - shows me "<body></body>" (the text i entered changed to "file:///c:/blah")

c:/ - nothing happens

c:/blah - nothing happens

file://c:/blah - nothing happens (changes text to "file:///c:/blah")

file:///c:/blah - nothing happens


I guess you should check the handling of that...if you open a file over the menu you get a "file:///" text in the URL field and if you copy and paste the exact text you get, it works. Seems, that it just works if there is a .html or .htm file.

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Re: local adresses don't work properly
Posted by: Andrew
Date: October 22, 2001 05:09PM

I would have to test this in Mozilla but I believe this is part of the Mozilla security model. It is considered a security hole to allow a web page to open a local file. I think it interprets attempts to do this through the location bar the same way. That's why it only works through File - Open.


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