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Yahoo email composition bug attaching files
Posted by: Ken Jaeger
Date: October 07, 2001 03:29AM

First let me say that Kmeleon works great for most browsing I do and seems to very well in Kmeleon. Now the bug:
I have trouble attaching files to messages that I compose in Yahoo mail. I click the "attach" button and a window pops up and it is blank. The content in the attachment dialog pop-up window doesn't appear until I resize the window. When I do get the dialog content the "browse" button doesn't appear. The page said that this is because the browser doesn't support attachments. However these attachment features did work fine in Mozilla 0.9.4 release. I know kmeleon doesn't have the same features as mozilla, but I thought they supported the some web content since they use the same engine. Again aside from this problem kmeleon 0.5 has been great.

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Re: Yahoo email composition bug attaching files
Posted by: po
Date: October 07, 2001 06:01AM

i THINK (but i'm not sure) that's what this thread is about:


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Re: Yahoo email composition bug attaching files
Posted by: Andrew
Date: October 09, 2001 12:17AM


Po posted the correct thread. The gist of it is that this is a Mozilla bug. You're right that K-Meleon and Mozilla have the same engine. However, there are technical differences between the two. K-Meleon is based on the "embedded" version which doesn't include all of the functionality of the Mozilla browser. This allows K-Meleon to be lighter and faster. But, there are some quirks, like this one, where the two are different. Hopefully, this will be corrected very soon.


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