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Typing text within K-M shows bugs
Posted by: Michel Rainville
Date: September 26, 2001 09:31PM

As i use this very moment my keyboard to write this, the following happens: every time i hit the space bar the browser jumps to the bottom of the window and then returns "up" when I type the next letter. Now it has stopped doing it because this line is further down and the browser is already displaying the bottom of the page( "elevator" bar on the right is at the bottom now). My screen resolution is 600x800, i'm using Win98 SE.

Also the Subject line does its own funny things. I just added the words "shows bugs" and hitting the space bar sent me again at bottom of page but this time typing the next letter did not bring me back up. Then I tried using "Backspace" to erase the word bugs and my cursor jumped to beginning of Subject line instead of erasing. Hitting "End" does not work, I have to position cursor with mouse back at the end , and then anything I type goes reaaaal slow, it takes 10 seconds or so for a letter to appear on screen...

Also in the other message I just posted, I wanted to paste the address I had copied from the URL window at the site I was at before entering Kmeleon.org (I went back 3 screens, copied, then came back here) and it would not paste (paste option on right-click not activated). Also my keyboard left arrow (and right arrow as well) does not work as I type this; can't go back to fix any spalling mistake for instance, other than by using Backspace to erase back to the faulty letter. "Ctrl-Left Arrow does not work either. And the "Home" key doesn't work either.

Hope this is useful to you folks.

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Re: Typing text within K-M shows bugs
Posted by: Andrew
Date: September 26, 2001 12:53PM

The space bar problem has been corrected in the latest beta builds. Version 0.5 should be out "really soon" so please test this again when that is released to see if you continue to have the same problems.


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