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Nonstandard Keybindings
Posted by: Alan
Date: August 20, 2001 11:15AM


A very important part of usability is to give users what the expect. The majority of browser users are Internet Explorer users and Netscape. So K-Meleon should use the same Key bindings as them unless there is a VERY good reason to do otherwise.

If you dont agree with the above statement then you may as well stop reading now. K-Meleon should follow the standards already set.

Internet Explorer Only:
Full Screen F11

Home Alt+Home [the Home Key, on the keyboard beside PageUp & Page Down]
Exit Ctrl+Q

Close Ctrl+W [it does work although not actually labelled in IE5.5]
Help F1 [not labelled in IE but still works in both]

Please Please Please fix these soon, the longer you leave it the harder it will be to change because your user might get used to it.


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