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User agent string
Posted by: theuiguy
Date: May 14, 2001 09:01PM

Oh please no. It appears that Kmeleon .4 advertises itself as Kmeleon/0.4 instead of something sane like Mozilla/5.0 (OS; language; rv:0.4) Kmeleon. The last thing webdevelopers need is yet another browser to look for. I dynamically serve pages to a number of browsers. Kmeleon needs to have the user agent of mozilla by default. I'd avoid adding the word "compatible" to the user agent string since Kmeleon is indeed mozilla. Thanks.

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Re: User agent string
Posted by: Brian
Date: May 16, 2001 03:18AM

You can change the user agent string to whatever you want. just click preferences->advanced

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Re: User agent string
Posted by: scratch
Date: May 16, 2001 04:56AM

Right, but the point was this is what it should default to. The majority of end users aren't going to change it, so it will give webdesigners additional headaches if it stays something completely nonstandard.

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Re: User agent string
Posted by: Dave
Date: May 16, 2001 11:09AM

It should use the default mozilla string and ensure it has Gecko/date in the UA string to indicate it's a gecko based browser.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win95; en-US; rv:0.9) Gecko/20010503 Kmeleon/0.4

The best way to do this is to use the following prefs

pref("general.useragent.vendor", "Netscape6");
pref("general.useragent.vendorSub", "6.01");

(that's what Netscape 6 uses). If you use general.useragent.override then you have to keep updating the Gecko version string manually.

If you still want users to be able to customise their user agent then make it an option like this:

[ ] Specify custom browser useragent

[ ]

The text box will be greyed out if you don't specify anything and if nothing is specified, the default useragent as described above will be used. If the box is checked the general.useragent.override is used.

The vendor useragent prefs can be used alongside the override pref, but the override pref takes priority of if they both exist the vendor prefs get ignored.

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