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0.4 nightly - couple of bugs
Posted by: ralph
Date: April 27, 2001 07:02PM

Couple of bugs i experience with the .4 nightly build that was compiled on the 24th of april, 23:42:

- I get no right mouse button context menu on an image that is an link on the following page (html-code?!): http://betatester.tin.it/en/macos.htm (right-click on the apple) there is no such context menu on <a> images </a> if they are inbetween a <strike>-tag, also! so it is not fixed for all image-links like it is stated in the todo-list under "fixed".

- Wheelmouse: does not scroll whole page but only a small field on the right side of the webpage near top. do not know if this is a mozilla or a k-meleon bug, but it can be seen here: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77002 cannot get the focus to the whole page so that i can use the wheel like on other pages (works most times).

- Do not know why, but the .4 builds seem to cost a lot more ressources than 0.3. got a bit better these last days i think but could still be better imho.

- Windows 95: if you click on one of the menu entries and then move your mouse to another entry the entry you clicked on *first* still looks marked (this button-look, like you move your mouse over the entry) although the other menu entry looks pressed (and the menu is opened).

- If you are in a text box Strg&A should mark all the text in the box and not the page.

- Feature: option to have bigger buttons with titel below in the button bar would be nice - especially for higher resolutions.

- Feature: Please make it possible to open new windows to the home page (that can be changed in the preferences) and NOT to the current page - like it was in 0.3 and prior builds. so the user can decide what he prefers to have (option in the preferences or CFGs/INIs). this is one of the main reasons why i do not like using internet explorer. but with ie you can open *new instances* with your homepage but *not* with k-meleon, so that should in any case be optional. options are always a good thing!

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Re: 0.4 nightly - couple of bugs
Posted by: Jeff
Date: April 27, 2001 11:37PM

1) link popups - mozilla bug
2) wheel mouse - mozilla bug
3) resource usage - can you please site some specific examples? Also, try turning off some of the plugins, and see if that helps. If a plugin is misbehaving on your system, please let us know.
4) File menu - This is a problem with the rebar menu plugin. Accelerator keys don't work with it, either.
5) Select All - mozilla bug
6) Bigger buttons, coming eventually, when we redo the toolbar setup
7) Open new page - already on the "to do" list

-- Jeff

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Re: 0.4 nightly - couple of bugs
Posted by: ralph
Date: April 28, 2001 08:01PM

1) It's just like the bug that was in 0.3, can be seen on the page i mentioned above. when i use mozilla i get a right click context menu. but you are the expert, i just considered it to mention.

2) Okay, was only on few pages anyway.

3) Resource usage: difficult to describe. i open up to 20 new windows (old pentium machine) and close all except one, do it again, and the system gets (naturally) slower. but it gets slower (and a bit more unstable?) than with 0.3. seems to have to do with the window flicker when a window is closed. (all plugins except the winamp one were enabled.) but it got a bit better compared to early .4 builds. tomorrow i am leaving for a one week vacation but afterwards i can examine resource usage more closely if that may help you.

But the plugin thing was a good idea! especially for k-meleon startup. it always took a very long time to load k-meleon on my machine. but if i disable all plugins, k-meleon takes only *2* seconds to start. with favorites-plugin enabled it takes about *20* seconds to start - that is ten times more! if i enable all plugins except favorites (and winamp) the startup still takes only 2 to 3 seconds. maybe you can improve the favorites plugin or change the way it works. but i have got 776 favorites... so... - for comparison: ie takes 1 second to start, netscape 4.08 browser standalone nearly 10 seconds (windows 95 with ie shell enhancements). but i only use k-meleon since i got my hands on the .4 nightly builds (and ie for https).

Tested now a bit and the resource problem seems to get better if the favorites plugin is disabled. so not only the k-meleon startup is waaay faster but also the browser itself runs a bit better if a great amount of browser windows are opened and closed. but i still experience the problem - it only takes longer till it is "grown".

4) Yea, noted that also.

5) Select all: hopefully they will fix it soon...

6) Would be nice.

7) Very important one for me (it is okay in 0.3...).


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Re: 0.4 nightly - couple of bugs
Posted by: Jeff
Date: April 29, 2001 09:08PM

3) I don't use favorites, so I don't notice this on my system, but I've been meaning to go over that plugin. Thanks for the feedback.

7) I added this last night, hope you like it smiling smiley

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Re: 0.4 nightly - couple of bugs
Posted by: ralph
Date: May 06, 2001 09:36PM

7) Works like a charm - thanks a lot!

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