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Pages never "finish" loading here.
Posted by: tdavis.org
Date: March 28, 2001 10:51AM

Check out my site, www.tdavis.org, any page in particular (but particularly the "Phobecam" page). On every page, Kmeleon never decides it's finished "loading" (progress bar stays up always), and it's important particularly on the Phobecam page because the onLoad() handler is never triggered, the counter never starts ticking, and the whole thing just doesn't work.

(Update even as I type this: I just flipped back to the offending window, and it had decided it was finally finished loading, and so the onLoad event finally triggered, and everything got going. So I guess my bug report is that it's taking an inordinately long time to decide it's finished loading certain pages, particularly ones you can find at tdavis.org tongue sticking out smiley).

Troy Davis

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