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0.3 bugs, 1 crash, 2 annoyances
Posted by: TBE
Date: February 17, 2001 12:16PM

Here's my list:

1. Load a web page that will take a few seconds to load. While kmeleon is working, press and hold the window close button. Hold it for a few seconds. Release it. The window will close (as expected) and kmeleon will crash. Just closing a window normally, with a fast click, works.

2. Context menus on links works, as do context menus on images. But context menus on images that are links do not work.

3. When activating a kmeleon window by clicking in the titlebar, alt-tab or using the taskbar, focus is not set to the browser area, meaning that the scrollwheel will not work until you click somewhere in the browser content.

Otherwise, great browser. Default browser for my daily routine.

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RE: 0.3 bugs, 1 crash, 2 annoyances
Posted by: Erik
Date: February 17, 2001 04:15PM

I've noticed the same thing with the context menus on image links. Annoying. Not horrible, but annoying.

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