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My list of bugs
Posted by: Barcode
Date: February 12, 2001 05:38AM

First off, I am fully aware that this is still in devlopment. However, I have compiled the following list og bugs I have had with K-Meleon. I am running v0.2.1 with the updated version of Mozilla (Released 01/29/2001).

Error messages have no caption
Arrow keys, PgUp/PgDn, Home/End, etc. do not work for scrolling page
Arrow keys do not work in textboxes/textareas
Double page problem (Screenshots at: http://www.crosswinds.net/~dynamicbits/K-Meleon/)
Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X shortcuts don't work in Address bar
Links have different icon when viewed in menu (Double arrows)
<input type="file"> does not work
Cut/Copy/Paste options available at any time when veiwing page (Should only be selectively available)
File > Open does nothing after selecting a file
View Source not available
Ctrl+A does not select everything on the page
When highlighting elements on the page, images are not included like in IE. (Not a bug, but a nice thing to have nonetheless)
No Options dialog
Clicking links in Help > About opens page in default browser (Not K-Meleon)
Can't change font size
Can't customize Links or Start Page
Can not download files
Back/Forward button menus have no documents
In Customize dialog, Commands Tab, Favorites option, "Favorites" is spelled wrong in the right textbox.

I do not want to get responses like "We already know about that bug" or "This is beta." I just want to make sure that anyone concerned is aware of what glitches I have seen.


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Posted by: Barcode
Date: February 12, 2001 07:51PM

Hmm.. Arrow Keys, PgUp/PgDn, and Home/End seem to be working now..

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Posted by: Lemming
Date: February 17, 2001 02:16PM

F5/Ctrl+R do not work for reloading the page
Ctrl+F does not work (there is no "find" at all...)
Arrow keys in <input> and <textarea> do not work (at least right now...)

Have fun with coding...

I also do not have scrollbars, although I do not really miss them ;)

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Posted by: Lemming
Date: February 17, 2001 02:25PM

Shift+Click on a link does not do anything --> should open the linked page in a new window
Alt+Left/Right does not access the history

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Posted by: Lemming
Date: February 18, 2001 11:10AM

F6 for the the URL input field does not work.

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One more,
Posted by: AllNew
Date: February 18, 2001 04:26PM

I don't have a scroll bar at all. Period. Is there no scrollbar in 0.3?

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RE: One more,
Posted by: Brian Harris
Date: February 18, 2001 09:25PM

I have no idea why some people don't see the scrollbar. I see it just fine, as do 90% of the other people.

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Posted by: Lemming
Date: February 19, 2001 01:41PM

I do not have a scrollbar as well. Perhaps again a missing dll? Or maybe the mouse wheel? I have one but no scrollbars - using the Logitech drivers.

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RE: Scrollbar
Posted by:
Date: February 19, 2001 04:21PM

@Lemming: Where do you know from that e.g. that F6 should work for URL input?

Anyway, many of these (Alt -> , Alt <-) can already be defined in the configuration file. So it should just be a matter of configurating it the way you want with a recent snapshot that allows you to do this.

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Posted by: Lemming
Date: February 19, 2001 05:09PM

@Sebastian: Since the menu says that "back" is Alt+Left by default I expect it to tell the truth. I can't find that configuration file you mentioned, even the FAQ doesn't mention it. And if I do not find a configuration file, this should be considered really bad. I found that menus.cfg, but hey, I can only tell K-Meleon to lie even in the context menus there. Last, but not least, the readme says "K-Meleon interface tries to mimic the IE MFC interface as much as possible." - well, than at least some keyboard shortcuts should be like in IE by default, including F6 and the history-shortcuts. Anybody who does not like that can change it - at least this is what you say ;)

So am I just stupid or what is going on here?

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RE: Ugh
Posted by:
Date: February 19, 2001 05:17PM

Well, you don't seem to be stupid at all: I can't get Alt <-/ Alt -> to work in 0.3 either :-), I'll have a look at the newest snapshot if it is fixed. A lot changed since then. Menus.cfg can be used to change the keyboard shortcuts for these actions, the file format was jsut extended a bit in the latest version.

As for the IE mimicing: I don't even have IE installed, so I have to trust guys like you to tell me how to make it work right :-).

Keep the complaints flowing...

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